CMS maintenance

Keep your CMS running smoothly with our comprehensive CMS maintenance services

Why is it important to have a professional maintenance service?

Maintenance activity is very important on any site that has content; there is no substantial difference between a blog or an e-commerce, because a minimal error in the updates is enough to suffer an attack through a bug that resides in your theme or in one of your plugins to compromise your business, in other words hours and hours of work would vanish into thin air.

Updates to WordPress, as well as plugins, improve site performance, while fixing bugs on your website or e-commerce site; Furthermore, WordPress developers work tirelessly so that each new version has additional features, a better user experience and, above all, so that WordPress is faster and more efficient.

The new WordPress versions have improved the performance of Javascript (the so-called DOMS that you find when you test your site on Google PageSpeed); in this way speed, an important factor for SEO, increases.

So website maintenance helps us ensure maximum performance for your site by constantly updating themes and plugins.

While you think about managing your work, creating content or managing sales and appointments, we will take care of keeping your site always up to date and fast.

Sometimes some bug might lurk in the folds of your website or some plugin that does not require updating, on the contrary, might be obsolete for the new version of WordPress; for this reason we carry out the diagnosis at the end of each update, because, as mentioned before, you could lose rankings on search engines.


  • if you do not update your site and WordPress plugins, you risk arriving at a situation in which, faced with some CMS errors, it will no longer be possible to resolve the problem;
  • if you are not an expert , you must remember that an update can break the functionality of a plugin or theme, which is why it is crucial to always keep backups of your WordPress site and be ready to solve the problem by restoring the website from the backup;
  • Any Update must be done with due care to avoid that, due to unexpected errors, yours becomes unreachable or starts to have errors (500, 503, etc.).


  • Better Security
  • New features
  • Greater speed
  • Bug fixes

Our Plans

Hybla One

40 Euro Per Month

(annual payment without automatic renewal)

Hybla Plus

60 Euro Per Month

(annual payment without automatic renewal)

Hybla Pro

85 Euro Per Month

(annual payment without automatic renewal)